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An EducationProf. Gast Faremis was probably the closest to a father figure Sephiroth could possibly have in his circumstances (I use the term ‘father figure’ very loosely here) - he was at least the one person he seemed to have genuine respect for.I’ve always wondered how it could’ve turned out for Sephiroth if Prof. Gast did not die.

This drawing is based on the games developers’ notes on a subplot that was cut from the game - where Aeris would tell Cloud of her unrequited love for a nameless SOLDIER who used to buy flowers from her (Sephiroth). Given the addition of Zack Fair into the story, the subplot was made redundant (hence the cut), though I find it a rather interesting premise to explore.  Hard to imagine what Sephiroth would do with flowers though. Maybe he gives them to Genesis.

Secrets and Revelation.also why you shouldn’t let Sephiroth anywhere near books in dubious hidden basements.

The Wartime GeneralI can’t help but think that Shinra sent him into Wutai War not only because he was their finest SOLDIER, but also to see how far would his abilities manifest. 

Dreamless respiteI’ll leave it up to your imagination as to whether or not he sleeps in his birthday suit

sephiroth by vallarii